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Children's Therapy & Wellness Center

Physical Therapy &
 Developmental Services for Babies and Children

Outstanding pediatric physical therapy providing therapy in one-to-one setting in your home or in our home office.
- Developmental delays
- Specialized evaluations for School-based Related Services
- Athletic performance
- Return to sports after injury
- Promoting Gross Motor Development in babies and school-aged children
- Managing healthy weight and improving core strength.

We are dedicated to our client's well being and satisfaction.


Child Yoga

Children's Therapy & Wellness Center

We are here to provide you and your family with a meaningful experience. Pediatric PT provides the opportunity for babies and children to develop the skills needed to become successful fully functioning adults. Your child may be facing an injury, a developmental delay or impairment which may be impacting your child's daily functioning and performance. As a physical therapist I have the critical skills to promote recovery and to achieve your child's highest level of functional capabilities and athletic performance.

Realizing the need for skilled services in pediatric physical therapy, our philosophy of practice  focuses on the following core values:

- Excellence in care,

- Family goals are the focus of the therapy,

- Reaching the child's full potential within a fun, caring and inclusive atmosphere. 

You and your child are the driving force behind each session. We focus on what is the best for you, not what is just easy. This skilled therapy will enable a child to reach his or her full potential by implementing an individualized pediatric physical therapy program to improve functioning within your everyday life.



Treatment Sessions
in the privacy of your home or in our home office.

Doctor Bea believes in the Whole Child Approach. Doctor Bea works with children and their families to assist each child in reaching their maximum potential to function independently and to promote active participation within home, school, and community settings. Through her education and experience she has gained expertise in motor development, along with acquisition of skills and function of the movement system. As Doctor Bea gets to know her client better she continuously uses reasoning during examination, evaluation, and intervention for children, youth, and young adults. As a primary health care provider, she is vested in promoting health and wellness and reaching the full potential of her clients. Through collaboration with families, communities, and other medical, educational, developmental, and rehabilitation specialists she fosters the growth within the client.

Initial Consultation

The process of supporting children and families begins with an interview, or conversation, to identify the child’s needs and family’s concerns and continues with an examination and evaluation of the child in the context of their daily routines and activities. This examination may include, but not be limited to, mobility, sensory and neuromotor development, use of assistive technology, muscle and joint function, strength and endurance, etc. During the initial consultation it is preferred to see your child and your family in his/her natural environment - at  home! Meeting with you virtually offers convenience, allows the therapist to evaluate the child's true capabilities and assess function in child's familiar environment. 

Individual sessions

Whether you come to us or I come to you, during your personalized therapy session the therapist will meet your child at her/his current level of physical skills and will promote a child’s independence by working on developmental goals, muscle strength, posture, motor skills, coordination, mobility and more. With the input from the family the therapist will develop your goal-directed plan of care:

• Developmental activities

• Movement and mobility

• Strengthening

• Motor learning

• Balance and coordination

• Recreation, play, and leisure

• Daily care activities and routines

• Tone management • Assistive technology

• Posture, positioning, and lifting

• Orthotics and prosthetics • etc.


Parents Recommend

Carrie D.

“I'm a local teacher and my 9 m.o. daughter needed to start PT. I was afraid to entrust my baby to anyone's hands. Doctor Bea was recommended by my coworker who has personally used her. The initial consultation and following sessions went amazing! My daughter responded very well to Dr Bea, she did a couple new movements just in our first session. I felt very thankful to Children's Therapy for their help with my child.” 

Steven T. 

"Our son was diagnosed with a genetic disorder and requires therapy for low muscle tone, delayed development and poor balance and coordination. Doctor Bea made an incredible impact on my son's confidence and willingness to try new skills. He is less afraid of stairs and started jumping on his own! We were very happy with the care we have received from Doctor Bea!"

Danielle K.

“Beatrice totally impressed me with her level of expertise and genuine  engagement with my pre-teen son who severely sprained his ankle in soccer. She is warm, empathetic, caring and above all really knows what she is doing. She helped my son to regain balance and strength in the injured leg in just 3 weeks of  therapy! I cannot recommend her highly enough...I only wish I had found her sooner for my kids other injuries!


 Baby Development in Motion

Getting into Sitting Position
Rolling Over Tips
Tummy Time Is Fun
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