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Our Philosophy
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Beatrice Ligas, P.T., D.P.T. &
Baby Development Expert and Gross Motor Specialis

Doctor Bea established her pediatric physical therapy clinic to meet the growing demands for specialized therapy for the children and their families. After she graduated with Master Degree in PT in 1999, Bea worked with both adults and children in both New York and New Jersey. Shortly after she focused on therapies for babies and children and progressed her education to a doctoral degree in physical therapy. Her extensive experience in her field and warm personality will make your child feel understood, comfortable and ready to achieve new goals.

Doctor Bea selects her team with great care to make sure that you and your child are taken great care of and all your needs are met. 


Health, Movement, Wellbeing

"A child is more than just a group of muscles"

Doctor Bea incorporated whole child approach into her treatment philosophy. Being a mother of three children and witnessing various developmental patterns, strengths and weaknesses in both her children and in her clients, she focuses on individual and personalized approach to each child. Approaching each client as a "whole child" allows her to apply treatment strategies based on the understanding that all aspects of a child — physical, cognitive, social and emotional — are interconnected. Each part is essential and influences the other parts of your child's life. 

The whole child approach is especially beneficial for children who have complex needs such as sensory processing disorder (SPD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD), specific learning disability (SLD), cerebral palsy (CP) or developmental disorders. A whole child approach to therapy means that we take into account more than just what we see and hear during our sessions. We want input from you, their teachers, their pediatricians and other providers.

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