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Fussy Baby? Try Baby Massage - pediatric physical therapy is here to help!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Fussy baby and screaming is a fear for every parent. Is the baby ok? Is she in pain? Am doing everything I should?

Baby massage promotes bonding, bringing you and your munchkin closer. The interaction allows for deepening trust and communication. The calming touch will make your little one feel nurtured and loved.

At Children's Therapy & Wellness Center we will massage your baby with such a tenderness and care that you will want to be massaged too ! And you should!

Book your appointment and become an expert baby masseuse !

Baby massages are a wonderful, soothing therapy that calms your baby and promotes bonding time. However, massaging doesn’t come naturally to all parents. Don’t be discouraged if massaging your baby doesn’t work out at first.

You and your baby may have to practice a few times before getting the massage just right. With each practice, you’re developing a deeper, loving bond with your baby. Keep at it, even if you don’t get the hang of baby massages at first. Your baby will thank you.


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